Training & Development Workshops

A well trained, well placed and agile workforce is a competitive advantage for any company and/or organization. Readiness for change is highly appreciated and rewarded accordingly.

Our team offers tailored-made workshops, according to your company’s needs and can also support you in creating a lifelong Learning Organization. Some of the skills a manager should have within a Learning organization are: giving feedback, asking powerful questions, active listening, supporting, monitoring, empowering etc.

All workshops are Customized:

Based on your company’s strategy and specific needs we design from scratch or re-design the existing workshops that we provide you to fully meet your needs.

The process:

  1. You check the agenda that we propose – specific areas to be addressed during the workshop and we match it to your needs
  2. You approve that the content of the workshop’s activities is relevant to your business and the industry you are addressing
  3. You get feedback for the participants’ outcome as well as further interventions in your organization, based on the specific outcome.

Out of this process the workshops that are already designed are: