All workshops are customized based on your company's strategy and specific needs. 

The process:

  • You check the agenda that we propose 
  • You approve that the content that we propose 
  • You get feedback for the participants' outcome as well as further interventions in your organization, based on it

Inter-Team Alignment: 

For breaking inter-departmental silos and enhancing cross-functional communication and cooperation. To move from "US vs THEM" to one bigger "US": the whole company as One Team.

The Coaching Manager / Leader:  

The Coaching Managers believe that their people can succeed, that they can contribute to their people success and that they can identify what people need to improve their performance.

Basic Management Skills:

For newly appointed supervisors/managers to experience the basic skills for People Managers and how this is directly connected to business results.

Sales skills for Technical people:

How Technical People can become motivated to Generate Leads and increase your sales funnel 

Stress & Time management:

Stress and time, if managed smartly, can become a valuable benefit in work-life balance. It can enhance your company's productivity and generate new ideas via your people.  


The benefits of Effective Communication both oral and written, between individuals, within teams, in meetings, with customers.

Personality  & Collaboration:

How personality relates to the way each individual collaborates within a team, with colleagues from other teams/departments and with customers.